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Denise M

Smiling here! So look forward to Saturdays with Wally and LuLu. Thanks a bunch for sharing.

Diane Hover

Such beautiful babies...poor Lulu....I am sure she will be missed and you will be nervous until she is back home.....thanks for sharing....Goldens are such wonderful dogs....I miss my "Nick" so much...so glad I have Nellie...wish I could get her a "companion"....have a nice weekend!!

Kris Turner

The title is truly befitting, particularly when you look at the last picture of Wally - what an expressive face! Thanks so much for the smiles, Leslie. The pix are terrific (amazing how you captured the water droplets!). Have a great day!

Peggy K

They ALWAYS bring a smile to the faces in this house. I now get asked every Saturday if we can take a moment to visit with Wally and Lulu. ;)

How is it possible that I love those two as if they were my own??
(Skipping away--Happy Heart)


Thanks so much for sharing your life with Wally and Lulu with us. They are so sweet. If I didn't have my 4 kitties to love, I'd want dogs like those. Good luck to Lulu with her coming surgery.

Carol B

Love your Saturday posts about Wally & Lulu. I've got a red golden, Rosie, who looks a lot like Wally, only redder. She is the cuddliest lap dog I've ever met. Yep, I said lap dog. 50 lbs of legs and muscle that loves to be hugged and cuddled. And my first golden, Sammy, looked a lot like Lulu...very blond and thick, soft fur. Sharp as a tack...almost too smart for her own good. But, she was just the sweetest girl imaginable...I miss her dearly.


After 46 years of marriage we rescued our first ever dog two years ago. Your feelings for Wally and Lulu represent our feelings for our little girl!
You say it so well with words and pictures. I LOVE
your doggie posts!


Second comment . . . regarding Lulu's surgery.
Our little girl had her teeth cleaned two weeks ago.
My husband and I didn't sleep well the night before and were very nervous taking her to the vet the next morning . . . we were much worse than when I had my knee replacement a couple months ago!!!

Stacy aka Twinshappy

They sure have worked their way into your hearts along with the rest of us too Leslie. I enjoy your photo story line, it really is special. Lulu will be happy to be home after the surgery also. Leaving her over night will be hard, I had a hard time with Ranger. Lots of love when she returns I am sure. Enjoy you weekend with the fur babies.

bonnie weiss

The love and companionship that we share with our fur children is irreplaceable. No matter how difficult it is to say goodbye in the end, we would not trade one moment that we have with these amazing friends, for anything in the world. And Wally and LuLu look like they feel the same way that you do Leslie.

Susan Z

I think Wally and Lulu have worked their way into my heart, too! I so very much enjoy looking at their pictures and reading about their adventures... it's like owning a dog vicariusly. In reality I wish I owned a dog again but right now I am a multi cat owner and that is how I get my warm fuzzies(especially when they are shedding, LOL)


Thank you for the Saturday pics of Wally and Lulu. I always look forward to your pictures of them, they bring a big smile to my face and heart.

Ter ;)

Tammy Hair

Terrific pictures of the kids! Interesting how Wally's tail curls, I'm with you, never seen it before and it just makes Wally more special! Hard to believe Lulu is old enough to be spayed, hope all goes well and she recovers quickly. The hard part is keeping her from overdoing but I know for sure, Wally will be very gentle and understanding with her while she recuperates.

Mary Beth

Don't get me wrong, your cards are gorgeous and I love to see them, every single one. But I live for Saturdays with joy filled pictures of Lulu and Wally playing together and being so loved and enjoyed by their owners. Best wishes to Lulu as she recuperates. No doubt, her absence will make Wally all the more appreciative of her return!

Pam C

I so look forward to your Saturday features with Wally and Lulu! We just had our 12yr old Bichon mix neutered for health reasons and the house so too quiet without him around! Speedy recovery to LuLu!

Karen  R (ON/CA)

I so look forward to Saturdays to see what the "children" are up to. Thank you for your delightful and heart warming pictures of Wally and Lulu.

Shirley L.

I just love all your posts of your two darling dogs. Love the one picture with Wally finding the stick. Our dogs are our children and such an important part of our family. Good luck to Lulu on Monday. The hardest part is keeping a dog from being too active when they get spayed. Enjoy your week-end.
Shirley L.
Roseville, CA

Sherri Dean

Add me to the list of those who can't wait for Saturday to see the latest pictures of the two little ones we have all adopted as our own. I feel so sorry for anyone who has never felt the joy a cat or dog can bring to your heart. There is nothing in the world quite like it. It's just love in it's purest & simplest form. I'll say a little prayer for LuLu to make a fast recovery! You will all miss her as much as she will miss you!


that is too cute, seeing them looking at the cow, reminds me when peanut was a puppy and saw the ducks in the river well she must have thought she could walk on water too and she went right off the cement bank into the river and went staight down, (it was very deep there) Greg was right there so he grabbed her out and she was like now how can they walk on water and I can't, it was too funny, it's amazing the joy they bring to our lives!
Have a great weekend!

Francie (Montreal)

Pure joy! That's what they make me feel. They are the sweetest, most charming little animals and have worked their way into my heart too. I might add they didn't have to work too hard. They had me at the first photo. What adds to the delight is your fabulous commentary. If you ever give up cards (and I hope you don't), you may want to funnel your talents into more writing. Have a great week.

Heidi Meerdink

I love to see the photos of your dogs and read your words about them. I, too, have a dog that is near and dear and precious to me. I love her so much. I'm so glad there are other "dog" people out there like you who get that. Thanks for sharing!

Marilyn Valadez

Sat. mornings with the babies are my favorite time of the week! I warm up my coffee and sit down to enjoy this post! I hope you never stop the saga of Wally and Lulu...I can't begin to tell you how much this means to me! Thank you so much for sharing your adorable fur babies with us, and little Lulu will be in my thoughts and prayers on Mon. Take care, and hugs!

Sandy Knecht

Thank you for sharing your photos and story. I love seeing your two babies. Wally reminds me of the Irish Setter we once had.


Thank you so much for sharing with us each Saturday. I so enjoy it. Fantastic photos, as always. Love the last one where they are running to you - the joy on their faces is wonderful! I'll be thinking of LuLu and the rest of you on Monday, and hoping for a speedy recovery for LuLu.


More sweet pictures of the luckiest dogs around! Thanks for sharing!

Nancy C.

I so look forward to reading all about the adventures of Wally and LuLu! They are such beautiful dogs and it is so obvious that they are loved and cherished! Thanks for sharing!

Karen W.

Big smiles for sure. They look like they have the best time together. So happy you've got them both. Will be thinking of them when she has to be gone. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pics.


I would say they have both worked their way into the hearts of your readers. I have smiled the entire time I've enjoy this post and all of the beautiful photos of the kids. Thanks for sharing.

Shannon White

Awww, They bring such smiles and sunshine to our home every Saturday Miss Leslie, my DH Now reads your Wally and Lulu posts and pics over my shoulder!
8-) We are waiting till he retires before we get our Sweet fur babies.. 8-) But I wish we already had them.. lol And would feel extremely blessed if they turned out half as Smart and Sweet as yours are.. 8-) Thanks for sharing your Sweet pups with us! 8-)

Hugs and a Very Happy Weekend to you guys!

Dotty A

This is the best post of Wally and LuLu yet!!! I can see the LOVE in both of them, and so full of FUN!! Saturdays post are always fun, and I look forward to them each week...


Your Saturday posts are great! I look forward to them every week, and always share Wally's and LuLu's photos with my friend/neighbor who also has a Golden. Yesterday she told me it's obvious you must be a wonderful person because of how much you love and adore Wally and LuLu. I couldn't agree more. Dogs bring such happiness to so many people, including my husband and me. Hugs to Wally and LuLu, and the best to you.

Peg Parsons

I can't wait for my Saturday visits from Wally & LuLu, they have sooo much fun, I can't help but smile with them - thanks for the smiles and big ole hugs to you all!!!


love, love, love your pictures of Wally and LuLu. I wish I could reach out and give them big hugs. They are so fun to watch, and you do a tremendous job of capturing the fun they have. Good luck to LuLu on Monday....let us know how she is doing!

Linda Carson

Fabulous pictures! A dog's life just couldn't get better! I know tomorrow will be difficult but just one of those necessary things. The secret is have Russ take her in and you pick her up! You'll be her hero for life...!

Janet T.

Such joy.....is what Wally & LuLu seem to be experiencing in these fantastic pictures. Those sweet, expressive faces (and tails!!!) just beaming as they enjoy the little things in life, like playing with a stick. And such joy is truly what you bring us, Leslie, by sharing these great posts with all of us.


Absolutely delightful photo's of your furry friends. They look like they are having the time of their lives.

Troy Louise

You are right about bring a smile to my face. They are such beautiful dogs & what a loving family you make! Good luck to Lulu & I'm sure it will be a long night without her. But, think of the happy reunion when she comes home. Big Hugs to all of you.

Linda E

Wally and LuLu are so cute together! I so enjoy watching them play together through your camera lens!

Vicki S.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your Wally and Lulu pictures and updates. Keep up the good work!!!

Sue Kment

Oh such a wonderful day! GR's are definitely the sweetest dogs! Hope all went well!

Colleen Dietrich

OH, you brought a smile or two to my face with these pics, Leslie! I love what you write about your babies too.

Love how Wally's ear curled up in that one photo of him standing alone near the water's edge.

Hope LuLu is home resting with you all now, so the group lovin' can continue!

Dawn Burnworth

Aww it is a good kind of surgery. I hope she is doing better now. I know it is so hard to leave them. We board our 13 yo dog when we go home and it breaks my heart. I have to talk her and I into it each time. Love all those great pictures.


I can see that Wally and Lulu just love their outings. Wally's tail is absolutely adorable and yep I can see the water droplets coming from both their tails in the first photo.
Leslie you make the photos of Wally and Lulu come alive and I just love reading all about them.

Rose Ann

What a FUN day!! I love the photos...and those expressions!! When you tell the stories behind the pictures, it really touches my soul. Thank you!

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