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bonnie weiss

That photo is as they say, 'priceless'. I love her little paw posing on the first stair. What a sweet little girl.

Linda Bullard

Awwww, where did that sweet little girl go? She's turned into a bigger sweet girl. It goes so fast. Sigh. Well, it sounds like your stamping enthusiasm gap continues. I'm slowly coming out of mine. Linda


You need to make some grown up cards. Or "just because" cards. Give your self a ME time.


love the "baby" pics. I want to make a mini book with our puppy's baby pictures.

Jean S ~

Oh my word! This is an unbelievable photo. The background is perfect and it really shows how beautiful Lulu is. Also, looks like she is a professional model the way she is in that "strike a pose" mode.
Tfs, Jean ~

Francie (Montreal)

She looks so soft,fluffy,cuddly and sweet. What a great photo of the precious wee pup.
We all need a hiatus now & then from cards, don't you think? When it starts to become a chore, it's time for a break it until feels like fun again. When cleaning trumps card making, you need a time-out from cards. Enjoy it. We'll still be here when you get back to it.


that is a sweet photo of her. I haven't had much time this week either, I just had a back log of cards to share, but I have some upcoming birthdays so I had better get back into it :) Have a relaxing weekend!


Oh my - it sure does look professionally done! I need to take about a week off and do some organizing and cleaning myself. We'll see if it ever happens. Good luck with finishing those cards.


She is so beautiful. I hope that you have that photo framed!

Cindy Lawrence

Oh my goodness gracious, what a GORGEOUS shot! It really does look professionally done! Enjoy your weekend, sweet lady! :-)


Oh my Lulu is beautiful. What a great picture of her.
Hope to see you get your 'groove' back soon. It happens to all of us, we all need that break now and again. Have a good weekend!

Linda E

What a beautiful picture of LuLu. Really mphasizes just how much she has grown! Enjoy your weekend, Leslie.

Joanna McDonald

It is a beautiful picture of Lulu.She looks like she
is posing - thanks for sharing!!


Leslie, she's just so sweet! I can see why she went home with you. How could anyone resist her? This photo is just beautiful. Hope it's hanging up somewhere. Thanks for blessing my Saturday once again.

Marilyn Valadez

Love this baby photo of your sweet Lulu! she looks so fluffy and adorable...beautiful puppy! She will be so gorgeous and elegant as a grown-up! I miss seeing your Wally today...he is one good-looking boy and I never tire, of seeing what these two cuties are up to! Thanks for sharing Lulu with us today!

Colleen Dietrich

Just look at this little princess! She posed so beautifully, and it really does look like a pro backdrop/portrait.

Sherri Dean

If you haven't already you need to submit this to one of the dog calendars. She would be a shoe in!

Shannon White

Oh this is a Wonderful Shot of Pretty Miss LuLu!! Wow! Definitely looks like a Professional portrait! 8-) Always good to get away form the Crafting table every now and then.. Your Mojo will be back in full swing before you know it! 8-)

Hope you have a Fabulous weekend my friend! 8-)



Wow, what a photo!!! The photographer has captured Lulu's dear little expression and fluffy fur wonderfully. I love the way her little paw is outstretched. Thanks for sharing Leslie.


Pure sweetness. I could just squeeze her!!

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