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I love coming by on Saturday to see these photos of these guys! Lulu is adorable and I've been a big fan of Wally's for a long time! These are great!

Christy Beans

Wally's tongue hanging out the side is a sure sign of pure joy. LOL =) Love it! And that photo is such a great big brother/little sister moment. It snowing here, so my two beasts are looking forward to stomping around it... once the sun comes up. It's way too cold before dawn today, even with fur coats on! =) Happy weekend!

Peggy K

I have no doubt I've said this a gazillion times before, but every time I get to see pics of these two, I get this big ol' grin on my face. My Saturday morning highlights. Thanks, Leslie.

bonnie weiss

i bet they smelled a little funky when it was all over!


It's awesome what great friends they are - and both so beautiful. Lulu is growing so quickly!

Denise M

Absolutely fabulous photos! So look forward to Wally and Lulu every Saturday. Thanks so much for sharing them with all of us.

Denise M

Francie (Montreal)

Whoever said dogs don't smile should take a peek at your two. They're almost laughing with glee. My first visit Saturday morning is to your blog to see what the dynamic duo are up to. They are just so darn cute.

Colleen Dietrich

The title of your post made me laugh, Leslie! It sounds like a new show on the Discovery Channel. ;)

These pix are so delightful! Thanks for giving my day some happiness.

HOw are you enjoying your new camera?



Tonya Kennedy

I love your pictures Leslie. Wally looks like he is smiling in the first picture and Lulu looks like she is smiling in the last picture.....so so adorable!


Awww they sure look like they are having a great time.... do they like getting baths after their outings?

Tammy Hair

How precious and what a good, good big brother Wally is to always be nearby Lulu. They are two gorgeous goldens. My one golden would must prefer a mud hole then swimming.


Fantastic photos! What a good life Wally and Lulu have with you and your husband. You're such wonderful parents to take them on such fun adventures.


I love the pictures of Wally and Lulu, we have a golden also and he loves nothing better than water, especially if it has alot of mud in it.

Sherry in MI

What beautiful "children" you have, Leslie. So
enjoy my Saturdays with Wally and LuLu. Thanks so
much for sharing.

Sue Kment

My first response was OH NO what a mess...but it sure looks like they had a fun romp in the waterhole LOL!

Dawn B.

She is getting so big Leslie. I know you must be loving this time. I am sure that soon she will be juming right in too. Great pictures.

Linda Bullard

Oh boy, I can just smell those wet dogs! I love that smell. Thanks for posting these photos and putting a smile on my face today. Were these taken with your new camera? Linda

Sherri Dean

Thanks for my Saturday fix! The "kids" look like they are having a ball & you certainly put a smile on my face!


Oh look, aren't they having the best time. Wally is just soooo cute and little Lulu has the dearest little face.
Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I look forward to Wally and Lulu Saturdays.

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