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Joan B

rest, drink, and cuddle those furry ones. hugs

Karen Wallace

I hope you are feeling better quickly, this flu or whatever it is this year really takes you down. Enjoy your fur babies, they are darling!!

Maureen Chandler

So sorry that you have been so ill! Rest up with your lovable furry companions and take your time! Get well soon and take good care of yourself! Hugs to you!


Sorry you have been ill! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you. Try and rest a lot and cuddle with the warm bodies! Love the pictures.


I'm very sorry you've been so sick. I do hope you are on the mend. Your puppies are very adorable in these photos. Take care of yourself. Glad you have the puppies.


Take care of yourself Leslie. This thing hit me two weeks ago, so I can appreciate what you were describing. Your two cuddle-buddies are probably thinking "What's wrong with Mom?". Mine did... and he never left my side. I know your two buds are sending telepathic get well hugs too! Sincerely, Beverly.

Bev J.

So sorry you have been under the weather. Sounds like you have the perfect cuddle treatment. Take it easy!

bonnie weiss

Sending you get well wishes, Leslie and in the meantime cuddle up with your fur kids and make the most of your down time.


So sorry you've been sick Leslie. I'm glad that you have your two furry babies to keep you company and give you comfort. Hope you're back to your old self soon.

Monica Black

Sending wishes for a speedy recovery. Cuddling two Goldens will get you off to a good start.


Oh my goodness - I'm sorry to hear your virus has really gotten you down! I sure hope you are on the mend now and will be back to normal soon. How nice you have Wally and Plushpuppy to help speed your recovery - or at least keep you company while you're suffering.


get better soon. No fun having what ails you. Glad you have some cuddle babies to keep you company.


Leslie, I couldn't think of a better medicine than to cuddle with your two goldens. So sorry to hear you are so sick. Praying you will be well soon so you can play with your buddies and photograph them.
Prayers and Blessings.

Ann Lind

Hope you feel better soon. Get lots of rest and don't overdo. You can tell Lulu and Wally love each other she touches him when ever they are laying down. Beautiful babies enjoy. Hugs Ann

Janet T.

Adding my well wishes to you, Leslie. Just lay low & give yourself time to recuperate fully. Having your two sweet "kids" watching over you will certainly speed your recovery.

Pat Adam

Feel better! I'm in my 2nd. week of feeling lousy so I know what you're talking about. Take it easy and get as much rest as you can...stamping and visiting blogs can wait. Pat

Julie Phillips

So sorry to hear that you got sick. Take your time and get as much rest as you can, your blog and readers will still be here waiting for you!


Sorry to hear you caught the bug going around... nice to have your couch pals with you to keep you company while your recovering :)

Laurie U

Hope you feel better soon! Wonderful pictures of the dogs! Lulu is getting so big and pretty! Take care of yourself!

Debbie W.

So glad you have the "babies" to cheer you up. Feel better soon.

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